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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Harisree Ganapathaye Namaha: Avignamastu

"Harisree Ganapathaye Namaha: Avignamastu"

Let me begin my blogging career by writing the words written by thousands of small children in the age group of two and three when they are initiated to the world of letters on Vidyarambham (Vidya means Knowledge and Arambham means beginning) day. It is a momentous occassion.

Initiation into the world of alphabets for a child usually begins with the writing of the mantra 'Om hari sri ganapataye namah.' 'Hari' refers to the Lord, 'sri,' to prosperity. At first, the mantra would be written on sand or in a tray of rice grains. Then, the guru would write the mantra on the child's tongue with gold. Writing on sand denotes practice. Writing on grains denotes the acquisition of knowledge, which leads to prosperity. Writing on the tongue with gold invokes the grace of the Saraswathi, the Goddess of Learning, by which one attains the wealth of true knowledge.

Another interpretation of the prayer is "Let us bow our head to the master of Hariganam and Sriganam" - Vowels and Consonants -sounds which make up the spoken language. This was told to me by my late father, but I have not been able to confirm it through other sources.

What can you expect in this blog? A wide range of topics ranging from current affairs to management to music to sports - critically analyzed.

Raja's world will make you think and will create a network of people having differing viewpoints. I may not agree with you all the time nor you with me. But we will definitely respect our right to disagree.

This blog is my Gurudakshina to all those who taught me academically, professionally and in real life.

May the Gurushishya parampara endure..............